1. Dang Van Quyen Grilled Spring Rolls

Address: 16A Lan Ong, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
Opening hours: 7:30am – 8:30pm
Price: 50,000 VND/piece

Nem Dang Van Quyen is one of the famous familiar places in Nha Trang that many tourists visit when coming here. The shop is named after the founder of the brand – Mr. Dang Van Quyen – born in a family specializing in making spring rolls, Ninh Hoa spring rolls since the 1950s. In 1987, he opened the first grilled spring rolls shop on Le Loi street. , then moved to a new address on Lan Ong Street, operating until now. From a small spring rolls shop, the shop now has two branches, spacious space, always crowded with customers.

Dang Van Quyen Grilled Spring Rolls
Dang Van Quyen Grilled Spring Rolls

Pureed pork is the main ingredient for making spring rolls, marinated with spices, then skewered with chopsticks and grilled on a charcoal stove. When spring rolls are cooked, the chef will cut them in half for easy eating. Crispy fried rice rolls, sour onion, cucumber, raw vegetables, sliced ​​mango, acrid banana, .. all create a unique “combo” of grilled spring rolls.

The dipping sauce is one of the things that make the restaurant’s brand. And still familiar ingredients such as pureed pork and shrimp, pure delicious fish sauce, sticky sticky rice, tomatoes prepared according to the restaurant’s own recipe, creating a unique flavor. When eating you peel a small garlic clove, bite a piece of green chili pepper is standard. The price of a piece of spring rolls is 50,000 VND. Healthy eaters must “treat” two servings to be full. And grilled spring rolls are one of the must-try dishes when traveling.

2. Lac Canh Grilled Beef

Address: 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Xuong Huan ward, Nha Trang city
Opening hours: 10am – 11pm
Price: 90,000 – 150,000/person

Located at 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem, City. Nha Trang, Lac Canh Grilled Beef Restaurant was established in 1958 and has been 61 years now. It has a diverse culinary menu with many dishes with unique flavors. In particular, Lac Canh grilled beef is the first dish that many tourists call the first name on the menu.

Many people often mistakenly think this is a specialty of a certain place. In fact, this grilled beef specialty is only available at Lac Canh restaurant in Nha Trang city. And there is only one place where the second Lac Canh cannot be found. Most visitors are conquered by grilled beef from the first time they come here. Therefore, grilled beef specialties are often referred to as Lac Canh restaurant.

Lac Canh Grilled Beef
Lac Canh Grilled Beef

Pureed pork is the main ingredient for making spring rolls, marinated with spices, then skewered with chopsticks and grilled on a charcoal stove. When spring rolls are cooked, the chef will cut them in half for easy eating. Crispy fried rice rolls, sour onion, cucumber, raw vegetables, sliced ​​mango, acrid banana, .. all create a unique “combo” of grilled spring rolls.

The dipping sauce is one of the things that make the restaurant’s brand. And still familiar ingredients such as pureed pork and shrimp, pure delicious fish sauce, sticky sticky rice, tomatoes prepared according to the restaurant’s own recipe, creating a unique flavor. When eating you peel a small garlic clove, bite a piece of green chili pepper is standard. The price of a piece of spring rolls is 50,000 VND. Healthy eaters must “treat” two servings to be full. And grilled spring rolls are one of the specialties worth trying when traveling.

3. Ancient Nha Trang Restaurant

Address: Group 3, Thai Thong, Vinh Thai Commune, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa
Price: 35,000 – 495,000 VND
Opening hours: 09h00 – 22h00 from Monday to Sunday (Usually crowded at 12h00 – 13h00)

No noise, no bustle, Lang Xua restaurant is completely separate from the stuffy atmosphere outside to give diners a cool and fresh space. Not fancy, not extravagant, but with the talented and sophisticated design of the restaurant’s board of directors, Ancient Village is very strong with colors that adorn each corner of the world.

Quan Den specializes in delicious grilled fish with a unique flavor that is hard to find anywhere else. If you are a food enthusiast and love to explore, then Nha Trang Black Grilled Fish Restaurant is the address that diners should visit to experience and enjoy.

Ancient Nha Trang Restaurant
Ancient Nha Trang Restaurant

There are many typical dishes here, as diverse as grilled beef, shrimps, crabs, seafood crabs, seafood porridge, fried noodles, fried rice, .. The menu is rich and diverse, so customers You can easily choose your own food.

Fish skinned beef is usually prepared by grilling or steaming. But there is a way to “hug” these two ways of cooking, which is to bake with foil.

The fish is wrapped in foil, marinated with spices and scallions and grilled over charcoal. The specialty of the restaurant is grilled beef with foil wrapped in rice paper and raw vegetables. This dish is served with raw vegetables wrapped in rice paper with salt and green chili, and there is nothing better than drinking a glass of beer.

5. Au Co duck shop

Address: 6 Lac Long Quan, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa
Opening hours:15:00 – 22:00
Price: 30,000 VND – 55,000 VND

This is a delicious duck restaurant in Nha Trang that has been famous for a long time and is loved by many tourists. The space of the restaurant is indoors but very airy. The tables and chairs used are high tables and chairs, so they are very hygienic. The shop is famous for selling genuine Nha Trang grass duck, very sweet and fragrant. Boiled duck meat is soft and succulent.

Au Co duck shop
Au Co duck shop

In addition, Au Co Nha Trang duck restaurant also has other dishes such as duck salad including tiger corn, water spinach, medium seasoned onions and lots of meat. The green bean porridge and rice are also very good. Service here is considered to be very quick and welcoming to customers, usually you will not have to wait too long. The guy who looks after the car at the shop is very enthusiastic. The price here is extremely reasonable with the quality, so if you have the opportunity, you definitely do not miss the shop.

The delivery staff here are considered to be very quick and welcoming to the buyer, usually you will not have to wait too long. The uncle who looks after the car at the shop is especially important and very enthusiastic. The prices here are extremely harmonious and reasonable with the quality.

6. Ba Trieu Beef Hotpot

Location: 3B Ba Trieu, Phuong Sai Ward, City. Nha Trang
Opening hours: 14:00 – 21:00
Reference price: 8,000 VND – 200,000 VND

Ba Trieu beef hot pot is too famous for hotpot “followers” in Nha Trang. The small restaurant has been in operation for a long time, has been renovated many times and is becoming more and more famous. Although crowded, the restaurant still retains the spirit of enthusiasm for hospitality, rich food, student prices, and guaranteed quality.

Ba Trieu Beef Hotpot
Ba Trieu Beef Hotpot

There are 2 types of beef hotpot at the restaurant that you should try. One is a full beef hot pot consisting of beef, beef encrusted, tender meat, beef tongue, intestines, leaves, beef balls … depending on the size of the pot and the amount of food. If you like to eat oxtail, you should try a hot pot specializing in rich oxtail.

The amount of beef in the hot pot is so much that you can see meat everywhere. Take advantage of the time when the hot pot is boiling hot to enjoy the full flavor of the tender beef. The shop will serve more green vegetables, anti-sickness tofu. Ending with chewy shrimp noodles or fresh vermicelli with beef hotpot is enough to fill you up!

A bright spot in the “style” of Ba Trieu hot pot is not to abuse spices. You will feel the aroma of simmered beef, along with aromatic herbs. The hot pot here deserves to be the choice of every home. The taste is just mouth-watering, the bar is clear, mainly the hot pot sauce is clear, there is not much fat and fat like many other beef hotpot restaurants.

7. De Lai Hotpot No

Address: 51 Room No, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
Opening Hours: 15:00 – 21:00
Price: 100,000 VND – 165,000 VND

Perhaps, for those who love goat dishes, Lai Phong Khong goat hot pot restaurant will be at the top of the list. Having been present for a long time in Nha Trang, despite being located in an alley, the delicious dishes from goat meat here besides hot pot also include grilled goat’s breast, lemon-lime goat, stir-fried goat… , creating a highlight for the dish, and overpowering the fishy smell of goat.

The hot pot dish at the restaurant is prepared according to its own recipe, combined with delicious and strange flavors that will surely satisfy customers when they come. The menu of Lai Phong Khong goat hot pot restaurant in Nha Trang is considered quite rich with many side dishes. However, the broth here is not much because the restaurant only specializes in serving hotpot dishes from goat meat.

De Lai Hotpot No
De Lai Hotpot No

The goat hotpot dish here is also worth enjoying with the characteristic aroma of cinnamon and anise, cooked by the heirloom hot pot is very sweet and clear, there is no scum so when eating it does not create a feeling of being sick. The accompanying food is also very diverse with vegetables such as lotus root, fenugreek, mustard greens, bean curd, tofu, etc.

In addition, De Lai hot pot also has a large serving staff, so the restaurant space is always neat and tidy. In particular, each plate of dishes brought out quickly always keeps the aroma and freshness. the goat hot pot at Room Khong is also affordable with a delicious and rich broth that comes with a lot of meat and side dishes.

8. Van Don Alley Snail

ShopAddress: 89/5 Van Don, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 16h-21h
Price: 20,000-30,000 VND

People in Nha Trang who do not know the reputation of the snail alley restaurant are a big omission. Talking about the popularity of this snail shop, it goes without saying that it is not only fascinated by “crazy fans” but also known by many tourists as a choice.

From fresh snails and recipes, snails are marinated with different typical spices to create a special taste that is hard to resist.

Van Don Alley Snail
Van Don Alley Snail

Coming here, you can hardly ignore the “nail” dishes of the restaurant such as: fried squid teeth with butter, grilled red snails, spicy and salty snails, … super attractive. Besides, of course, the shop cannot lack traditional dishes such as: steamed clams with lemongrass, roasted crabs with tamarind, coconut snails, garlic snails, cotton snails, and jumping snails that are seasoned with delicious taste.

With the best quality of snails, along with the motto of bringing the most delicious, wonderful and perfect dishes to customers, snail alley will definitely be the perfect destination that you can’t miss this weekend. .

9. Pancakes To Hien Thanh

Address: 85 To Hien Thanh, Tan Lap, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 15:00 – 21:30
Price: 30,000 VND/piece

To Hien Thanh pancake is a name that is not far away from the people of Nha Trang. The banh xeo at the restaurant is made in the direction of Western flavors. Besides the traditional cakes, pancakes are also varied by the owner with many types of fillings such as shrimp, squid, egg, etc., which are quite strange to eat. In particular, the restaurant fried cakes with quite a bit of oil, so it was very good for health.

Pancakes To Hien Thanh
Pancakes To Hien Thanh

The crust made by the owner’s own hands is both crispy and thin without being greasy, combined with a rich and delicious dipping sauce. The inside is full of shrimp, meat, cassava roots, price served with a variety of raw vegetables. All blend together to create a unique feature of the restaurant, making it difficult for diners to forget this taste when they come here to eat.

The banh xeo shop is designed in a rustic style, giving diners a feeling of peace and closeness when coming to the restaurant. Delicious and cheap pancakes have created the To Hien Thanh brand of pancakes for decades.

10. Ngo Gai restaurant

Address: 31 Le Quy Don, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 06h00 – 22h00 (breakfast: 06h00 – 10h00; lunch: 10h00 – 14h00; draft beer: 17h00 – 22h00)
The shop gives you a rustic, close and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere with a cool space. A simple wooden board called “Ngo Gai” hangs in front of the door, along with a flower-dropping military historian as if welcoming visitors to Nha Trang.

The menu at Ngo Gai changes daily to bring freshness. The dishes have a pure taste of home rice, simply decorated with antique ceramic dishes. Sour dishes such as eggplant, sauerkraut, pickles… are homemade, taste good and are considered quite clean.

Ngo Gai restaurant
Ngo Gai restaurant

The restaurant is in a rustic style, without using a lot of spices. Some typical dishes you should order: Ngo Gai rice, fried chicken with salt, gutted fish sauce, beef with Ngo Gai sauce, sea fish soup, etc. Especially the pickles are homemade, very delicious and mouth-watering. In addition, iced tea and fruit dessert are always served free of charge.

The tools used are in a rustic style, friendly with the environment: porcelain dishes, wooden chopsticks, wooden straws, etc. Enthusiastic staff, fast food preparation, including a driver and car attendant for guests. In addition to selling lunch, the shop also sells breakfast and chilled draft beer in the evening.

11. Can cake 51 To Hien Thanh

Address: 51 To Hien Thanh, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa
Opening hours: 16:00 – 21:00
Price: 70,000 VND – 90,000 VND
Referring to Nha Trang, many people will surely remember the taste of crispy, hot, sweet cake from shrimp, squid and a little sourness of young mango. And cake can shop 51 To Hien Thanh will be a really delicious Nha Trang dinner place.

Although it’s just a sidewalk restaurant, the food of Banh Can 51 To Hien Thanh must be said to be of extremely high quality. Banh Can here is a mixed dish with a price of 70k / plate, and the cakes with a variety of seafood, shrimp and squid are 90k / plate, although the price is quite high, but the shop is always crowded with customers to eat. The most impressive thing is the big cake, which is “full of stuff” on the cake: shrimp, squid, beef,…You will be able to choose to eat seasoned fish sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce, a bowl of sauce with shumai balls. Big and round, full of onions and chili, it’s delicious.

Can cake 51 To Hien Thanh
Can cake 51 To Hien Thanh


The space of the restaurant, although next to the sidewalk, is very airy and comfortable, with parking space, very clean. Outstanding food is delicious with carefully prepared dishes, beautifully decorated. The shop has 3 types of sauces: seasoning fish sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, … all kinds of fish sauce are very full of flavor and color harmony, full of taste and sweetness.

Banh Can squid is the most familiar dish when people come here to eat, fragrant and beautifully decorated, served with seasoning sauce, vegetables, and mango. Vegetables are washed and chopped. The shop is always busy with people coming in and going out, there is a parking space outside the door, so you can rest assured when you come to eat. Service is enthusiastic and fast, so people don’t have to wait long. If you want to have breakfast in Nha Trang with banh can, you can refer to the location in the article I shared!

12. Singapore Frog Porridge

Address: 58C Tran Nhat Duat, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Price: from 40,000 VND
This is called a place that many people like and come here to eat often. For night owls who often eat late at night, this restaurant cannot be ignored. Frog porridge is the right taste of Sing, Frog is full of spices, rich, the frog is very fat, the porridge part without water in the frog part is also delicious, cooked without being mushy, very delicious. In particular, the seasoning is imported directly from the native place in addition to the experienced and knowledgeable chefs, so it retains the typical taste of the original Singapore frog porridge.

Singapore Frog Porridge
Singapore Frog Porridge

Porridge with many flavors looks very eye-catching, frog meat is chewy and soft, delicious, sweet and rich. With the weather of Nha Trang today, frog porridge is very suitable to warm everyone’s stomach.

Restaurant with airy space, friendly service staff. Come here to enjoy frog porridge with the right taste of Sing.

13. Beans 1986 Nha Trang

Address: 184 Ngo Gia Tu, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00
Price: 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND
DAO 1986 (formerly Bun Dau Bao Tran – Cho Dam) – One of the delicious noodle shops in Nha Trang. Mixed pho, the most special fried pho in Nha Trang. And many other novelty dishes.

Bun Dau Mam Shrimp here is very good quality, the vermicelli is pressed firmly but when eaten, it is very soft and does not have a sour taste. The shop uses only half a pound of fat, so it has a light, sweet taste from the meat that is not sick. As for Cha Com, Dau Mo and Shrimp paste here, I heard that it was imported directly from Hanoi, I can feel the difference when I eat it, especially Dau, fragrant and greasy, one bite is ecstatic.

Beans 1986 Nha Trang
Beans 1986 Nha Trang

A mixed dish here has quite a few dishes: compressed vermicelli, boiled pork, deep fried tofu soft inside, fried nuggets, spring rolls, ram rolls, raw vegetables, young mango and cucumber. Cha Com is always the best dish, the style is not sticky, chewy, crispy and delicious, so every time I eat, I have to order an extra portion of spring rolls for only 15k to satisfy. And have to order more “outside” dishes to eat together.

In addition to the famous bean vermicelli, at Dau 1986, you can also enjoy rural cuisine with many dishes cooked by your mother: stir-fried water spinach with garlic, braised fish, national sour soup, sweet and sour fried squid, chicken rice. , Thai steamed seafood… And many new experiences at Dau 1986.

14. Dai Lanh Squid Hot Pot

Address: airport resettlement area, Tran Nhat Duat, Nha Trang City
Opening hours: 8am-22pm
Price: 200,000 VND

A special feature of Dai Lanh squid hotpot is that the squid here is very fresh, because Dai Lanh people specialize in catching squid by fishing, spreading nets or baiting cages, always having all kinds of squid, squid rice, cuttlefish. fresh. The owner here uses squid and rice to cook hot pot, the squid plate when served is still fresh, clear, and you can see the iridescent squid skin.

Squid hotpot consists of a pot of soup, in which tomatoes, ripe pineapple, ginger and some other spices are attached. The table used to eat hot pot in Dai Lanh is also good because it was designed by the owner with a “hole” in the middle. People sitting around, pot of hot pot over the “hole”.

Dai Lanh Squid Hot Pot
Dai Lanh Squid Hot Pot


In addition to the pot of water, a serving of squid hotpot also includes a plate of fresh squid, a plate of vegetables including spinach, broccoli, fresh bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, onions, scallions, a fruit called corn cobs; and a plate of fresh vermicelli with all kinds of fish sauce and chili. When the pot of water has boiled, add the squid and vegetables, wait for the water to boil again to be able to eat. Fresh squid dipped with pure fish sauce with a little spicy green chili pepper is very typical.

It is said that in the past, the shops had time to sell “belly hot pot”, that is, customers who came to eat squid hotpot had to eat and then charged a fixed amount according to the “belly” for each person. This is like buying tickets to visit the fruit gardens in the West, just eat as much as you want, but don’t bring the fruit out. Now, most of the restaurants sell hot pot in portions, each serving about 3-4 people. If you want to eat more squid, feel free to order more.

15. Linh Ca Keo hot pot restaurant

The goby hotpot dish Address: 12 Lac Long Quan, Phuoc Tan, City. Nha Trang

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Reference price: 50,000 – 110,000 VND

Referring to the famous goby hotpot restaurant in Nha Trang, it is indispensable for Linh goby hotpot. This goby fish hotpot restaurant is so famous because it had a stormy time in Nha Trang, no one does not know.here is really excellent, the taste is sour and sweet, the leaves are fragrant, the goby is fresh and sweet. Especially the goby fish here is completely alive and processed right in front of diners to confirm its freshness and not cheating. That alone is enough to know that Linh Ca Keo does a very reputable business, isn’t it?

Linh Ca Keo hot pot restaurant
Linh Ca Keo hot pot restaurant

The space is large, the design is simple and it’s near the street front, so it’s easy to find. The menu is rich in addition to delicious fish hotpot, true to the central standard, and also many seafood dishes and attractive snacks.

16. Cheng An DimSum

Address: 16 Loc Tho, Nha Trang City
Opening hours: 8am-22pm
Price: 200,000 VND

Nha Trang has just added a very standard dimsum coordinates, have you tried it yet? Cheng An has just opened a huge new branch on the corner of Bach Dang street, the space is all wood and glass that increases the luxury, right at the entrance there is a fish swimming on top, there is a floor and a balcony. The space is like a traditional Cantonese house with warm red colors, very nice check-in.

The kitchen here is completely open, people can observe the inside, or watch the scheduled noodle pulling performance. In terms of food, you definitely have to try the dishes of dumplings, dumplings, spicy wontons, kimsa dumplings, Cheng An fried rice, two-compartment Sichuan hotpot combo, Hong Kong roast duck with cucumber salad. Overall, delicious, love the dimsum here, quality filling, fried rice with immense seafood, duck meat is soft, not chewy and has a certain juiciness. Salt-roasted tofu is delicious, crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside that melts in your mouth.

Cheng An DimSum
Cheng An DimSum

You should try dishes related to hand-pulled noodles. Come to Nha Trang, remember to break the rule of staying up late for a meal and experience the feeling of enjoying Nha Trang dinner dishes with your friends. Hopefully, the addresses suggested by Nha Trang Let’s Fly Travel will help you choose the right restaurant in Nha Trang for you. In addition, there are many other dinner restaurants, hope you will share with us to increase your understanding of Nha Trang cuisine.